Three steps for your mission
Friday 7 January 2011 by Sylvie Goletto

1/ Prior to the mission :
a) You must contact your team secretary
Sylvie Goletto (1941): CASTEL, GAIA, Histoire des sciences et Patrimoine
 Sylvie Szeles (3131): Planétologie, Physique solaire, TFPC
b) Information to be given:
 * details of your trip Prior to departure : date, object, travel means. You can send an email or come to the office.
 * budget (e.g. project) concerned (if you know it)
 * if no expenses (mission sans frais), please precise it.
Any mission not known prior to departure will not be reimbursed anymore.
2/ Train/ plane ticket/ hotel reservation
To make reservation please use:
For CNRS mission:
For OCA missions: Travel agency Cimiez Voyages or call 04 93 53 23 44
The sooner to lower (for reduced prices)!
3/ Back from mission :
Please give all your receits to your secretary including: Hotel bill, Plane or Train ticket, taxi, bus tickets, metro, car park tickets ... as well as the attached receit formular.
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