Solar system and Gaia
Thursday 12 February 2009 by ORDENOVIC Christophe

Available Java Tools Simulated Test Data for Solar System Objects processing

This software goal is to provide simulations for solar system objects. More precisely, this tool computes transits of solar system objects ’seen’ by Gaia instruments during its observation mission. Many solar system objects families can be taken account, as planets, minor bodies (asteroids, near-earth objects, transneptunuan objects) and comets.

The transit list calculated gives a complete information for each detected object, such as :

* instrument and field of view where the transit occurs.

* transit time,

* object identifiant,

* apparent magnitude,

* angular diameter * Heliocentric coordinates * distance * scan speed Mineralogic classification of Asteroids This tool performs a classification from a set of blue-spectra astreoids.