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[Gaia - Laboratoire LAGRANGE] Activities within the Gaia mission
Activities within the Gaia mission

This section describes our subject of interests developed within the ESA Gaia mission.

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Friday 23 October 2009
Spectroscopic analysis
GSPspec and MATISSE Read the whole article
Thursday 26 February 2009
Image Reconstruction from the Gaia windows
During the five years of the Gaia mission, a set of windows will be transmitted to the ground for each object. These windows will correspond to the same spatial field with different (...) Read the whole article
Monday 9 February 2009
Mass and Ages of stars
Determination of the mass and age of stars from their (bolometric) luminosity and (effective) temperature (Final Luminossity Age Mass Estimator : FLAME work package of (...) Read the whole article
Monday 16 February 2009
Methodology and technics
Tuesday 4 November 2008
Quasars and reference system
Tuesday 16 December 2008
Gaia and General Relativity
Thursday 12 February 2009
Solar system and Gaia
Available Java Tools Read the whole article